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10 Steps to Cyber Security – Answered

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ, first published their 10 steps to Cyber Security paper in 2012 and it used by most companies in the FTSE350. We’ve looked at their 2017-18 paper and used it to demonstrate how the products we offer protect you against cyber attacks.

Risk Management Regime (Centre of diagram)
Central to your cyber security policy, this will help to inform the products and levels of security best suited to your business. Of course, we’re happy to discuss the details with you.

Network security
etiCloud store data remotely in UK datacentres, with high level Tier 4 security. Data is never copied to desktops, minimising risk of data breaches. When data traverses public networks it is secured by high levels of encryption. As well as simplifying processes for you and your team, this provides the upmost security when data is stored and processed.

User education and awareness
Our systems are designed to minimise the risks of human error. For example, data cannot be copied to devices. Hosted Desktop creates a system that means users protect data without adding stress and extra tasks to their role.

Malware prevention
Our technical teams are at the cutting edge of data security. Our ISO-accredited systems offer exceptional protection and software patches and updates are automatically carried out for you through our regular maintenance program.

Removable media controls
All data is hosted in our secure UK datacentres. Access is available from anywhere in the world. The way our system is designed, removable devices are unnecessary and protected against.

Secure configuration
We designed our Hosted Desktop system with security at its core. It includes anti-virus and anti-spam software as standard. Security is reviewed and software patches automatically updated without you having to do a thing. We also offer 3 levels of security, depending on the level of protection you require.

Managing user privileges
Our systems do not simply make data available to all (unless you want us to). Different teams and individuals will have access to, and control of, various data. Access can also be revoked at any time. Only having access to relevant data is not only secure but creates a user friendly experience too.

Incident management
We design our products to protect you against data security breaches. Our systems allow you to revoke access immediately and to remotely wipe data. You can choose a system that enables you to track documents, including any copying or printing, and even benefit from built-in analytics that identify risky behaviour. We also have thorough disaster recovery as standard too.

Monitoring is taken care of with our Hosted Desktop product. Our top level security product even goes so far as to use AI insights to analyse user behaviour, identifying and predicting risk.

Home and mobile working
Our Hosted Desktop is ideal for remote working and can be supported by our Hosted Telephone product, creating a virtual office where information can be easily and securely shared. Data is still centrally hosted in secure UK Tier 4 datacentres and you can control the devices that have access to it. With our top level product, you are able to increase the security boundary to include mobile devices with encryption and a remote wipe option built in.

Cyber security has never been more important to businesses. Yet we don’t believe you should have to take on all the responsibilities and complexities alone. It’s reassuring to see how we easily answer all the NCSC’s points of advice on data security – and go much further. By focussing on delivering the data security solution for your business, our aim is to let you focus on what you do best.

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