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Helping larger companies excel in IT

Our team have noticed an increase in referrals from larger clients, those with staff ranging from 200- 17,000, and it got us thinking about the reasons why (other than our exceptional service, of course!)

Whilst larger companies will have the resource and experience of dedicated IT departments, there are many benefits they find to outsourcing services to etiCloud. With changes to the data protection regulations (GDPR) bringing greater financial penalties, it can be reassuring that we happily take on that responsibility.

Our transparent pricing policies make it simple to analyse the financial implications and benefits. Hardware costs can be eliminated, licenses are included and costs are per user, making budgeting straightforward. The elastic approach of our Cloud services to data also eliminates concerns around pressure on servers affecting performance – we simply provide the resources you need to instantaneously meet changing demands.

Crucially, pressure is taken off IT departments as etiCloud steps into the support role. Our support teams are always on hand, with technical teams rather than call centre staff ready to resolve any issues quickly. Without the distraction of tickets and troubleshooting, in-house IT departments are able to concentrate on reviewing and managing IT strategies to best improve productivity within the business. In a nutshell, we provide the opportunity for proactive IT directors and teams to focus on future technologies and system strategies rather than spend time fixing problems.

Whatever the size of your business, our commitment is to always put the customer first. So whether it’s a handful or staff or a team of thousands spread around the country, we can improve efficiency and value in IT. Speak to us about how we can help you. Contact our team on 0333 358 2222

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