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Fear of the Unknown – switching from on-premise to Cloud

Fear of the Unknown


Every business has challenges or barriers that it must overcome to grow and prosper. Here at etiCloud the biggest hurdle we have to overcome is our customers’ fear of the unknown.

Moving from an on-premise IT system to a three-year contract Cloud solution is a big deal for the majority of our clients. Why? Because most people are completely in the dark when it comes to the Cloud. They’re not quite sure what it is. They can’t see it, they can’t touch it so it’s difficult to comprehend. And things we don’t know can be scary; the fear factor is very real.

It also represents a big change for any business and us human beings are creatures of habit, we often find change difficult to cope with, so we stick with what we know. It somehow feels safer that way. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

We totally understand all of this. Making the switch to a Cloud solution is a brave decision but we know it’s one that you will never, ever regret. It’s our job to explain the entire process because we know you’ll be worried and we’ll hold your hand throughout. We want to engage with you and become part of your team – we’re in it for the long haul, we won’t disappear once the system has been implemented. Just as you would with any employee, you can trust us to get on and deliver exactly what your business needs. We make it simple and straightforward and, most importantly, we make sure it’s hassle-free from day one.

The Cloud is something we work with everything day, it’s what we do so it would be very easy for us to assume (and you know the old adage about that!) that everyone else knows as much as we do. That’s simply not the case so let’s start by answering that regularly asked question: what is the Cloud?

The Cloud is one big data centre. And why is it so good? Well, think of the analogy of buying a new car. As soon as you drive it home from the dealership, it starts depreciating and getting slower. That’s exactly what happens with an on-site IT system and PCs.

It’s definitely not like that with our Cloud-based systems. Our systems are upgraded on a daily, weekly or monthly basis with the appropriate software or hardware so they’ll always be infinitely more secure than any on-premise system – data security is at the forefront of all of our solutions. If you need more RAM, we’ll add it. If you need more CPU, we’ll add it. And all this is done without you having to ask so you have no need to ever worry about your IT – we take care of everything, and more. It’s just like getting a brand new car every month.

There’s no need for your IT manager to panic either. We’ve heard numerous IT managers say: “well if you adopt a Cloud-based system that’s my job screwed.” No, definitely not. You’re the IT manager so you manage the IT and switching to the Cloud will enable you to spend your time developing business systems and adding value to the business rather than fixing a printer or taking a PC apart. It’s also a fixed cost of employment so it makes budgeting for new staff easier, something your financial director will thank you for!

And if you’re still wondering whether it’s all worth it, don’t forget our focus is on delivering customer service that is second to none. That’s why we created etiCloud Assurance, our 5-step plan that includes a 90-day money back promise and confirms that we will always put you, our customer, first. So, you have total peace of mind and there’s really absolutely nothing to fear.

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