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Where’s my data? Be data storage aware

Following on from our recent post looking at metadata, it’s time to answer the question that article led to: where’s my data?

As a business owner, you’ll be creating large amounts of data every day. And that data needs to be stored somewhere. Perhaps you use an on-site server or a Cloud-based system. If it’s the latter, do you know exactly where that data actually ends up? Does it stay here in the UK or has it ended up half way around the world? How secure is it? Any ideas?

Over half of the world’s rentable Cloud storage is controlled by four key corporations: Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google and it will come as no surprise that these companies use data centres all over the globe. What’s more, several of these Cloud storage providers routinely duplicate user data across networks. This means that information uploaded to the Cloud here in the UK, for example, is more than likely to be transferred to other servers in other countries from Australia to China.

There’s a big problem with this. If you thought all of your data was stored here in the UK and was protected under British data privacy regulations not to mention GDPR, but it’s actually stored over in Shanghai, it may not be subject to the same levels of protection. And, if it has ended up overseas, it is often unclear who has access to it and how it might be being distributed. Scary stuff.

Take Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s Cloud computing service. On Monday 19th November, those using this platform were unable to access their Cloud services for 14 hours. The company has since identified three different ‘glitches’ that led to its servers falling over. Previous to this incident, Microsoft have suffered a number of hacks and clients have lost data and seen back-ups deleted. Investigations into these security compromises have uncovered that Microsoft had seemingly placed data randomly across its different servers across the globe. Not exactly confidence boosting when business critical data is at stake.

All of this leads us very nicely to how and where you can expect your data to be stored if you choose etiCloud for your Cloud-based system. After what you’ve just read, you’ll be pleased to learn that we provide the Fort Knox of digital security.

We create a private business environment for you and your team that is accessed via a Hosted Desktop, ring-fenced through our purpose-built Private Cloud Platform within IBM Tier 4 ISO 20071 data centres – the crème de la crème of data centres. All data is fully encrypted in transit and anti-virus and spam software are both included as standard. Moreover, you can even choose where you want the data to be stored. UK or overseas, it’s totally up to you.

So, if you don’t want your business critical data stored in a completely random location with questionable security, you need to give us a call and we’ll get you your own Fort Knox key!

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