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Device and endpoint management: helping you win the race against cyber criminals

You’d be forgiven for thinking that cyber security is a relatively new phenomenon. In fact, cyber security dates back to the 1970s when Bob Thomas made history by creating the first ever computer worm. This ground-breaking worm bounced between computers but it wasn’t malicious, however any infected screen would display the message: “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can.”


Fast forward to 2019 and that computer worm has evolved into a whole new species, far more sophisticated and predominantly malevolent. Cyber attacks, data breaches, phishing attacks and malware are terminology we’re all familiar with, particularly in the workplace. Cyber security now occupies – or should occupy! – the top spot on any corporate communications agenda since there are so many ways, and means, in which cyber criminals can launch an attack.


The growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) is leaving many of our businesses vulnerable to exploitation. A business tool that millions of us simply can’t work or function without, it is convenience personified. Unprotected, however, it is an open door for hackers wanting to inflict their unique brand of cyber crime.


What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The term ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) encompasses everything that is connected to the internet. It is also used to define objects that ‘talk’ to one another. Essentially, it consists of a wide variety of devices connected together including smartphones, tablets and lap tops, right through to wireless headphones, washing machines and televisions.


The IoT facilitates devices on closed, private internet connections to communicate with others, bringing networks together. It’s responsible for creating a much more connected world. And all that connectivity is so beneficial in helping us to do business more efficiently. We can work anywhere we like. We can access networks and data from different devices. We can share specific data. We can even switch the heating on in our homes without actually being in our homes via our smartphones.


Providing protection with device and endpoint management

Routinely deployed in business, the IoT has significantly changed how we work and do business. But it’s also opened companies, and individuals, up to multiple cyber risks and their associated financial and reputational consequences. Smart connected devices are extremely susceptible to cyber attack, so it’s crucial that they’re protected with a specific device and endpoint management platform.

“As demand for device management and security continues to rise, the industry has responded by creating a wide variety of device and endpoint management platforms for businesses,” explains Duncan Austin, Cloud director at etiCloud.

etiCloud recommends: IBM MaaS360
“IBM’s MaaS360 is a cloud-based device management platform that we have recommended and implemented for a number of UK businesses. MaaS360 can be used to secure a broad range of different devices, operating systems and data in any company or organisation,” states Duncan.

“There are numerous benefits to both your IT team and your business by having unified endpoint management in place. MaaS360, for example, will provide all the technology required to manage and secure smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, wearables and, of course, the Internet of Things (IoT). It is delivered via a best-in-class cloud and is globally recognised for facilitating quick and flexible operations.


“Since it uses an open platform, MaaS360 ensures that integration with existing apps and infrastructure is seamless. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you manage a specific operating system (OS), multiple device types or oversee a mixed environment between corporate and bring-your-own-device (BYOD), MaaS360 covers them all.”


Concludes Duncan: “Tried, tested and proven, IBM MaaS360 will give you unrivalled visibility and control over all of the smart connected devices used within your company. It will also further enhance your existing cyber security policy and help you to continue winning the race against cyber criminals.”

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