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Improve productivity and never miss a billable hour with our  proclaim workflow voice integration package

Following extensive work with Zeus Claims Solutions, we’ve launched a brand-new product designed to enable legal firms to maximise both time and cost efficiencies.

The etiCloud Proclaim Workflow Voice Integration facilitates the seamless integration of our Telephone system and Unified Comms solution with Proclaim, the industry’s leading case management software.

“Law firms receive hundreds of phone calls from clients on a daily basis and each of those calls has a cost attached,” explains Jonathan Ashley, sales & marketing here at etiCloud.

“When a client calls their solicitor, the clock starts ticking but it’s often difficult to log how much time is spent on each specific call. That’s where the etiCloud Proclaim Workflow Voice Integration package comes into its own.”

Continues Jonathan: “Once the package has been fully implemented, the firm’s entire telephone system is directly assimilated with the Proclaim case management software to deliver multiple benefits, including attaching the call recording to the client’s case file adding to the historical records held within the case. 

“For example, when an existing client makes an inbound call to the law firm, an automatic security check can be triggered to eliminate the need to repeatedly ask security questions and allow the solicitor to offer a bespoke personal greeting.

“At the same time, on every inbound call, the integration will bring up all of the client’s details. The solicitor can immediately see who is calling and that specific client’s case details appear on their computer screen. They are then able to log the duration of the call thus ensuring that no billable hours are ever missed.

“The same process works with outbound calls, allowing fee earners to keep track of every billable hour. It also includes the option of recording and saving the call conversation in the case file.”

Adds Stephen Lucas, managing director of Zeus Claims Solutions: “Our mantra at Zeus is “challenge us” and etiCloud did just that. Frustrated with the lack of integration options available for their comms solution, etiCloud challenged us to create a solution that provides their clients with the opportunity to realise cost and process efficiencies. The unified comms package does just that and seamlessly integrates into Proclaim.” 

Concludes Jonathan: “The etiCloud Proclaim Workflow Voice Integration package has huge potential to transform law firms across the UK, irrespective of size of location. Not only can it support improved client communications and customer service, it can also deliver a tangible increase in turnover and profit.”

Example workflow of the etiCloud Proclaim workflow voice integration package.

Solicitor receives an inbound call:

• Phone integration looks up caller line identification (CLI) against Proclaim case data
•A customisable ‘pop up’ box appears on screen and outlines Proclaim case reference complete with all pertinent case matter
• Solicitor is able to quickly and efficiently verify the caller

Solicitor receives an inbound call from a client with multiple cases:

•Phone integration looks up CLI against Proclaim data
• A ‘pop up’ box appears on screen and shows a list of both open and historical cases allowing easy selection of the applicable case
• Once a case is selected, the case data is immediately displayed to assist with the efficient routing of the call

Solicitor places an outbound call:

• Option 1 – simply dial the number required from the task list using Proclaim to execute the dial app. A ‘pop up’ make the call box will appear and the solicitor will be able to record their attendance note and record time elapsed on the call accordingly
• Option 2 – dial from screen. The solicitor can dial straight from the client’s contact details with no recording of time 

Receiving and inbound call that is not recognised:

• A ‘pop up’ box will display that the inbound caller is not recognised against any cases within Proclaim or is anonymous


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