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What’s my internet connection got to do with it?

“What’s my internet connection got to do with it?” It’s a question we’ve been asked frequently over the last few months as we’ve facilitated improved digital agility for UK law firms working remotely during the current pandemic.

An internet connection transfers thousands of bits (megabits) per second, so the speed of your internet connection is measured in ‘megabits per second’ or Mbps for short. That speed will be determined by how much data your connection can download (download speed) or upload (upload speed) per second.

You can run a free speed test for your computer or laptop simply by typing ‘check my internet speed’ into your browser. Once complete, you’ll end up with two speeds, one for downloads and one for uploads.

An internet connection is, of course, imperative for both home and office working. The speed of that connection, however, is not as important as you might think when it comes to remote working.

Download speeds are important for downloading files, looking at websites or streaming music. Upload speeds are important for transferring data to a server sending emails and live video chats. A download and upload speed of between 5-10Mbps is more than enough to send multiple daily emails to clients and colleagues and access your files.

Our Hosted Desktop facility requires only a fraction of these overall speeds to deliver seamless connectivity for multiple users at any time and at any location – just one of the many key benefits of switching to the etiCloud Cloud-based Hosted Desktop package!

Affordability and efficiency are two of the cornerstones of our Hosted Desktop solution. We use enterprise grade equipment and connectivity with 10GB private lines to IBM Tier 4 datacentres. Having this specific infrastructure in place means you don’t ever have to worry about speeds and connections.

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