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Video conferencing and the hosted environment

Chances are you’ve had more than your fair share of Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings over the last 12 months. We’ve certainly lost count of how many we’ve been involved in and we know lots of you have been battling video conferencing fatigue – yes, that’s actually a real thing!

Having said that, what would millions of businesses have done if these valuable platforms weren’t available to the masses? How would we have been able to effectively conduct meetings? As a result of the pandemic, it’s now very hard to imagine business and, indeed, social life without video conferencing. Rather than being a novelty or a communication tool reserved for global players, it has undoubtedly cemented itself in the average working day. Video conferencing is here to stay.

As such, over the last few months here at etiCloud, we’ve been speaking with our clients about their experience of video conferencing. Whilst the majority agree it’s been of great benefit, most have come across one or more different issues thrown up by the specific software in relation to its functionality (or lack thereof!) within a hosted environment. So, we’ve done some much-needed development work to see if we could solve the problem.

We started by looking at video conferencing within our Hosting environment: the etiCloud Agile Digital Workplace.

Historically, platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom have been difficult, often impossible, to run from within a Hosting environment. Our development experts have been hard at work to devise a solution and we are now upgrading many of our customers with these new enhancements.

Communication via video and audio is set to be more important than ever as we continue to negotiate and adapt to the various changes associated with the more flexible way of working millions of us have adopted. Having the means to schedule and take part in a video conference call within a hosted environment should be as easy as sending an email or making a phone call. That’s our ultimate objective and that has now been achieved.

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