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Improve your cybersecurity, switch to our Agile Digital Workplace

Cybersecurity should be a top priority for any business, irrespective of sector or industry. Cyber criminals will target any firm, large or small, and they are becoming more and more sophisticated with their methods. This is just one of the reasons why our Agile Digital Workplace is a must-have if you’re looking to remain one step ahead in the war against cybercrime.

As highlighted in this great blog post from Belinda Smith at PIB Insurance Brokers, an ever increasing reliance on technology, the evolution of cybercrime and the move to homeworking are resulting in some frightening statistics. Belinda outlines that, “in the first 6 months of 2020 there was a staggering 715% increase in ransomware attacks compared to the same period in 20191”.

Belinda goes on to discuss how investment in IT can make a company “less vulnerable to cybercrime” but is very clear that a taking out a cyber insurance policy is also essential in order to implement the best possible level of protection.

“Having a combination of a robust cyber insurance policy and switching to our Agile Digital Workplace is the best move you can make towards preventing cyber criminals damaging your business,” explains Jonathan Ashley, co-founder of etiCloud.

Continues Jonathan: “Our Agile Digital Workplace (ADW) was specifically designed to enable you and your team to work safely and securely, anywhere, anytime. The provision of cybersecurity which is built into our ADW as standard, will ensure your firm surpasses the National Cyber Security Centre’s ‘10 Steps to Cybersecurity’ – so, you don’t have to worry about adding any extra cybersecurity measures.

“All this is great but by implementing our ADW you’ll also benefit from an added bonus; you’ll be able to exceed the insurance company’s requirements for a cyber security policy in relation to compliance. To get cyber insurance cover, it’s vital to prove your firm has reached a certain level of security and compliance. It’s like taking out a car insurance policy. To do so, your car must have the relevant vehicle and emissions tax from the DVLA and, if applicable, a valid MOT. Likewise, by demonstrating enhanced security and therefore compliance with our ADW, your firm will meet the necessary requirements AND potentially benefit from a lower premium.”

Implementing the etiCloud ADW could also allow you to save money on both cyber and professional indemnity insurance policies, as well as delivering enhanced security via these following added value elements:

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