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Switch to agile working signals cut in office space

ITPRO recently ran an article outlining the findings of a survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) which highlighted the suggestion that half of UK businesses expect to reduce the size of their office space.

The report saw PwC consult 258 C-suite executives and senior employees within some of the country’s largest companies and concluded that the potential cuts could equate to nine million square feet of office space.

The shift in ‘where and how’ we work has, of course, been fuelled by the pandemic. However, it’s a shift we were already starting to see prior to 2020 with several of our law firm clients. Agile working isn’t particularly new, it’s simply that the global events of the last 18 months have pushed it irreversibly into the spotlight.

With this increased appetite for adopting a hybrid working model – a mix of remote and office working – comes the need to invest and it’s clear that many businesses will be looking to use any potential decrease in office rents to cover the costs associated with implementing a fit-for-purpose agile workplace.

Indeed, the PwC survey discovered that 71% of the respondents plan to increase investment in technology to facilitate agile working models in the next two years.

We have direct experience for this increased appetite for hybrid or ‘agile working’ with lots of law firms approaching us to support them to switch to an effective hybrid working model. Their employees want to continue to work two or three days a week from home (a statistic that is echoed in the PwC survey) and we have the perfect platform for this in our Agile Digital Workplace.

The etiCloud Agile Digital Workplace was specifically designed to facilitate agile working (the clue is in the name) and it’s proven highly effective for hundreds of law firms, new and existing clients, in the last 18 months. You could say it’s come into its own!

As well as offering a high degree of financial and operational flexibility thanks to its cost-per-user dynamics, it’s a product that we are continually seeking to improve and adapt as our working environments change.

From increased productivity, allowing your team to work safely and securely anytime, anywhere and to surpassing cybersecurity requirements and ensuring you never miss a billable hour again, can you afford not to implement an Agile Digital Workplace?

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