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National Cyber Security Centre renews its ‘10 Steps to Cyber Security’

In order to help UK companies to remain ahead of emerging cyber security threats, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has refreshed its guidance and renewed its ’10 Steps to Cyber Security’.

The NCSC’s ‘10 Steps to Cyber Security’ is a collection of advice specifically created to support chief information security officers and cyber professionals to ensure their business is safe and protected from cyber attack. They break down the onerous task of tackling cyber security into ten ‘bite-size’ components.

From asset management and engagement & training to data security and incident management, the 10 Steps provide a key summary of ten areas that medium to large organisations must consider in relation to cyber security.

Explains Jonathan Ashley, co-founder of etiCloud: “The NCSC advises that every business should start by reviewing their approach to risk management. That means taking a risk-based approach to securing data and systems to make sure the firm is prepared for every cyber security eventuality.

“The other nine steps address technology, systems and information and how to ensure each is protected against cyber attack, thus allowing the company to achieve its business objectives.”

Presented at CYBERUK last month, the original ‘10 Steps to Cyber Security’ were actually first published in 2012. The updated steps reflect the challenges associated with the increase of cloud services, the ever present and changing nature of ransomware attacks and the exponential rise in homeworking caused by the pandemic.

Continues Jonathan: “As the shift to a hybrid working model continues, the 10 Steps to Cyber Security’ are even more important than ever if companies are to reduce the number of cyber attacks and minimise the impact of a successful cyber attack.

“The basics remain as follows:

Concludes Jonathan: “If you have any questions relating to the NCSC’s ‘10 Steps to Cyber Security’ or any of the individual tasks to ensure your company is best protected in cyberspace, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0333 358 2222 or email Jonathan direct:

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