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Partner Spotlight: Law Firm Services – Minerva

Always wanting to add-value to our clients and our overall proposition, it’s a pleasure to present Law Firm Services and their legal client on-boarding product: Minerva.

Minerva provides the most effective and comprehensive self-service client on-boarding system available in today’s marketplace. That’s why we recommend it to our clients and have already integrated it within our Agile Digital Workplace that is used by hundreds of UK law firms.

Safe and secure client communications

Delivering exceptional customer service, whatever professional services industry you operate in, is vital for long-term success. The ability to engage and communicate with clients anywhere at any time is a key demand, particularly for law firms, and doing so safely and securely is paramount for both parties.

We’re seeing firms that need to communicate securely with their clients and Minerva absolutely nails this. Why? Well, it enables the firm to communicate with their clients through a secure portal rather than simply using email or more traditional postal methods. In fact, clients access the solution using two-factor authentication via their mobile phone to securely open their matter documents, similar to the way you do your online banking.

Benefits for the client

By implementing Minerva, your client can request real time quotes for various services. Once accepted, the client follows instructions to input their personal data and complete all the relevant checks, such as electronic ID verification (eIDV) and anti-money laundering verification. At the same time, they can set up their own secure area for accessing documents. It is also possible to send this data to your firm’s case management system and create a matter file for the client.

Here’s the interesting part. Based on the type of quote requested, you will have standardised documents known as ‘protocol forms’. These documents are personalised automatically for the client to review inside their portal. Your client can access the portal wherever they are, whatever time, day or night. They can read, sign, complete and agree documents and use the secure payment gateway.

Benefits for the law firm

As an independent managed services provider, we provide Cloud-based services with unrivalled, built-in cybersecurity for our clients. It’s our job to ensure our clients operate and communicate within a bespoke, yet highly secure private business environment. However, when our client engages with their client (customer), who may use consumer-based email providers such as ‘hotmail’ or ‘gmail’, there is no way of knowing how secure that communication really is. If the ‘law firm to client’ comms platform isn’t secure, that could potentially lead to a cybersecurity breach which would be costly and damaging, both from a financial and reputational aspect.

Having Minerva in place not only protects the client, but also your law firm by extending the secure perimeter beyond which we wrap around your firm’s data. There are many other benefits too:

Exceeding client expectations

Each of your existing and potential clients wants to engage the best law firm for their budget, from a professional, reputational and outcome-based perspective. They also want to be able to have the utmost confidence that their matter and personal data is not compromised in any way. So, having the best wrap-around security in place at every stage of communication is imperative.

Secure online communications are part of the law firm of the future; clients already expect them. Are you ready to revolutionise your clients’ experience and exceed their expectations in the process? If so, get in touch!

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