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UK lawyers shun returning to working regular hours

According to research carried out by Thomson Reuters and published in The Law Society Gazette, fewer than one in 10 lawyers want to return to working regular hours

Like individuals in many other professions, 63% of UK lawyers have apparently requested flexible working arrangements. That figure compares with just 22% pre-pandemic. 2.1 days per week appears to be the preferred time that lawyers would like to spend working remotely.

Commenting on the research, Jonathan Ashley, co-founder of etiCloud said: “The findings of this study tally exactly with what the majority of clients we work in the legal sector and telling us.

“When the first lockdown was implemented in March last year, all of our customers were simply able to just go home and work there thanks to the fact that their firm had adopted our Agile Digital Workplace platform. On the other hand, many firms struggled to do this because of an ageing IT infrastructure that didn’t support employees to work effectively and securely out of the office environment.

“18 months on and the ‘remote working’ landscape looks very different with many more companies choosing to switch to a much more responsive, Cloud-based system that enables users to work anywhere, anytime. As such, it’s no surprise to read that where people want to work – and how they want to work – is continuing to evolve.

Concludes Jonathan: “For the professional services sector, working from home is undoubtedly here to stay. What’s more, it has the potential to be used as an employment incentive with people choosing to work for a firm that offers a level of flexibility over and above one that doesn’t. We must embrace this shift and ensure we implement an IT structure that can support this ‘new norm.’ After all, surely after everything we have all been through, working to live rather than living to work is a universal goal?

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