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Computing in the modern workplace

When it comes to the computing experience in your business, how easy is it for you to access the system and relevant applications? Chances are you’re rolling your eyes because it’s probably a little hit and miss. Right?

If you’re office-based, do you find yourself turning on your laptop and heading to the kitchen to make coffee while the system loads? When you’re travelling on a train, do you have to wait ages to open a single file? And if you’re working from home, do you get frustrated with how long it takes to send an email? Have you simply got used to circumventing the workflow to allow for inefficiencies in the existing IT system?

Many UK companies and organisations employ a range of functionality to deliver IT. A mix of Cloud, on-premise and legacy systems in place, all evolving over time, can lead to an inefficient and cumbersome platform that is simply not fit for purpose. This poses challenges for everyone from end users to IT teams:

  1. Difficulty in accessing information quickly and reliably, irrespective of whether you’re in the office or on the move
  2. Different passwords for different systems
  3. Inadequate cybersecurity protocols for remote working access

Having uniform, fast, secure and reliable ‘round-the-clock’ access to every piece of information you need to do your job efficiently and effectively is imperative for commercial success. Irrespective of your location, whether you’re office-based or on the move, you need data, documents, files, spreadsheets, emails and everything in between instantly at your fingertips. Not possible? Think again. With etiCloud Agile Digital Workplace you can have all of this, and more, in one single place.

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Enabling an agile digital workplace

The etiCloud Agile Digital Workplace is a private business environment that enables the development of highly efficient workflows and delivers uniformity for every single member of your team.

A fully bespoke solution, it supports all of your business critical software applications. It also offers the opportunity to integrate our hosted telephone system into environment to create the optimum office and mobile workplace.

Digital agility benefits

Not only will the etiCloud Agile Digital Workplace remove frustrations associated with the current IT experience for everyone, it can also ensure your team is even better connected than ever before. Your business will be more efficient and effective thanks to faster access for all users, plus company and any client data will be even more secure than ever before.

Cost efficient

  • Modular, wrap-around service to specific requirements
  • Improved cashflow and financial planning
  • Removes large cap ex in non-essential – provides cost certainty model
  • Fixed cost for the business – save money in the long-term
  • Potential to reduce cybersecurity insurance

Increased productivity

  • Easy entry into all apps and software used by the business
  • Aids in more streamlined workflow
  • Drives statistical reports aiding in higher levels of management information and statistics can be reported on
  • Agile, efficient and easy-to-use

Enhanced security

  • Instant, secure and dependable accessibility to information and data on the move
  • Support and boost fulfilment of SLAs
  • Email protection built-in
  • Purpose built Private Cloud Platform
  • All data is house in UK-based IBM Tier 4 ISO 27001 Datacentres

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