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Data and data centres

1 Where is our data stored?

We have built and fully manage our private cloud platform within IBM’s UK based Tier 4 data centres.

2 Will our data leave the UK?

No, rest assured, your data will never leave the UK. All data is stored within the UK in accredited data centres and will not leave the UK at any point.

3 Who owns our data?

All data is solely owned by you, and at no time is the data owned by etiCloud. All data you may happen to supply us with will always be returned to you at contract end if requested.

4 Will etiCloud Service Level Agreements (SLAs) allow access to inspect data in order to meet Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) outcome 7.10?

Absolutely. We can allow the SRA to have access to the platform whenever you require this to happen, just ask and we’ll facilitate it.


1 What does the platform offer in respect of uptime and continuity protection?

All of the data centres we use are IBM Tier 4. Using these data centres enables us to provide you with 99.999% uptime and include full backup for continuity too. Incidentally, whilst we offer 99.999%, since we started the business in 2015 our clients have been able to access our Cloud environment 100% of the time, something we are very proud of!

2 Do our SLAs stipulate full safe harbour compliance?

Yes because your data is not stored outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). All data is stored within the UK in accredited data centres and will not leave the UK at any point.

3 When staff are working out of office how can we make sure our data is safe?

Security is one of the cornerstones of our platform. All data within your remote environment is encrypted and we manage both the configuration and maintenance of firewalls protecting the traffic to and from your private business environment. None of your data will ever leave the data centre and we ensure that all connections over Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) are secured on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

4 Can you offer audited information security that, at minimum, is compliant with ISO 27001?

Our core delivery platform and data centre have been specifically designed and created to meet ISO 27001 delivery and security standards. The underlining cloud and data centres are also compliant with ISO27001.

5 What guarantee does etiCloud give that data is protected in the event of technical failures or becoming insolvent?

The data centre is fully protected in IBM Tier 4 data centres and we guarantee 99.999% uptime. etiCloud never own the data at any point, the data is always owned by you. In the event of etiCloud becoming insolvent, data under our SLA terms will be returned to you or access given for another provider. You have a legal right to recover your data.

6 Why do we need to take security and cloud solutions seriously?

Our core delivery platform and data centre have been specifically designed and created to meet ISO 27001 delivery and security standards. The underlining cloud and data centres are also compliant with ISO27001.


1 Do we need any special Hardware?

As long as you have any standard PC, Laptop or tablet you can connect to your Hosted Desktop anytime from anywhere.

Core services

1 What services do you provide?

Our core services include Hosted Desktops, Unified Comms (Hosted Voice and Teams), Resilient Connectivity, IT as a Service (ITaaS) and Microsoft Office licenses which together creates your Agile Digital Workplace. This virtual workplace is capable of housing and running any software applications you use in your business. Your Agile Digital Workplace provides all your IT security, meets your internal and external compliance requirements and can help you to streamline your processes and operational procedures. We can also provide internet connectivity options including a full Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) that allows us to monitor traffic from your back door into the data centres so that we can keep you up and running.

2 Our phones are with a different provider, can you help with migrations?

Yes, we are able to assist with number porting and provider migration and our Unified Comms (formerly Hosted Voice) is a full business grade telephony solution. Your staff can even access the system while at home using their business number.

3 Will we need to know a lot about IT or hire an IT professional to implement?

If you have dedicated IT support in place that’s fantastic! We’ll be more than happy to engage with your in-house IT team to ensure that every aspect of the solution fulfils every operational requirement your company has.

But if you don’t have an IT team, don’t worry! We can go through any details needed to make sure our security suggestions are structured for your business. Our team will deliver the solution without the need for third party help. You won't need to know a lot about IT just the results etiCloud can provide for your business operations.

4 Have etiCloud included costs for any Microsoft licenses?

All Microsoft licenses are included within the solution and include: Windows Server, Office (enterprise grade), Exchange email and Client Access Licences (CALs).

Cloud services

1 How can we access the platform / environment / system?

Our platform has been developed so you can access all services remotely, regardless of whether you're in or out of the office or indeed anywhere in the world, through a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN).

2 What is the situation regarding backups and archiving?

We manage all backup solutions on your behalf here at etiCloud. In the event data needs to be restored, this is achieved by one of our expert cloud engineers as a priority. Many customers are now starting to request full replication, which where necessary can be included in your bespoke solution.

3 What does set up to the cloud include?

From the initial planning meeting, we will gather the relevant information and contact details for whomever is currently managing your IT infrastructure. Once this is established, we will work with you and the relevant parties to outline the steps involved in migrating all data and services to etiCloud.

Our etiCloud engineers will then build and configure your new cloud-based private business environment. They will set up User IDs, email accounts, print queues and all licenced software applications within scope. All data from your current environment will be migrated into the new platform that has been individually designed for your business. We will work with you to thoroughly test the system prior to choosing a date for the new system to ‘go live’.

As we have fully tested the system and included the majority of your staff in this process, rest assured the ‘go live day’ is straightforward and we work hard to ensure it is a positive experience.


1 How quickly can we get set up with cloud and remote working solutions?

Very quickly, although the length of time largely depends on the complexity of your current environment. We will plan this with you in detail and make you aware of any delays through the weekly project calls we will have with you.

2 What support do you provide to businesses?

Our Technical Helpdesk is available to all of our clients whenever they require technical assistance. We have multiple tiers of personnel to support and advise, as well as our Customer Excellence Team who are always on hand to assist with any queries. Every client is also allocated a dedicated Customer Excellence Manager. So, as well as exceptional technical support from the helpdesk, we ensure that you receive outstanding customer service across the board.

3 What exactly is etiCloud 90-day assurance?

Well, so confident are we that you’ll be totally satisfied with the solution we deliver, that we offer you a 90-day money back assurance. Once we start migrating IT services over to a new system, the clock starts ticking. At this point, and for a whole 90 days, you can change your mind if you’re not happy. If you’re not 100% satisfied within this 90-day assurance period, where you feel it’s necessary, we’ll refund set up costs, terminate any contract you have with us AND help you move to another solution.

4 What is the pricing model?

Each of our core services are priced per user, per month. We specifically work this way to facilitate scalability and flexibility, allowing you to easily add and remove users as your business requires and growth demands. Business owners and FD’s love this approach as from a budget perspective your IT is directly linked to the number of staff using it.

5 What about Printing and Scanning?

Printing is currently delivered in two formats, direct print spooling and via a third party product – Thin Print – which etiCloud provide at zero cost. Scanning is available and is normally connected back to the Hosted Exchange environment in the form of scan-to-email. If Hosted Exchange is not implemented, then alternative options are available.

6 What happens if we want to add or delete users?

Our etiCloud Hosted Desktop Cloud is fully scalable. You can add and pay monthly per user, per month in the normal way; etiCloud will add a minimal set up cost per user above the contracted value. New users can usually be added within an hour. You can also delete users and therefore your monthly cost would reduce.