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Be GDPR Ready

Our experience working with the legal industry means we understand the importance of your data and potential risks faced.

In addition, we have experience hosting legal software such as Proclaim (approved by The Law Society) which can easily and securely be integrated with etiCloud technology.

You can choose from three different levels of protection to suit your business. All provide the security of containing your data in Tier 4 UK datacentres. Data is never copied to the local device used to access them and is encrypted when crossing public networks.

You can build on this with products offering multi-factor authentication, encrypted email, threat detection, investigating and reporting, right up to machine learning (AI) backed breach detection and analysis, and much more.

To find the right GDPR compliant product to protect your business, speak to our team today.

Our GDPR Solutions

All packages available for just one monthly fee.


Building a solid foundation for data security


  • Ring-Fenced Private Business Environment (UK Data Centres).
  • Dedicated servers, private network and dedicated firewall with DDoS protection.
  • Fully managed including backups, monitoring, vulnerability scans, and patches.
  • Up to date malware protection centrally monitored/managed.
  • Tailored password policies to meet individual clients’ requirements.
  • Data is encrypted (256-bit) both at rest and in transit with additional lock down.
  • Device Remote wipe integrated mailboxes.


Controlling the flow of information


  • All of the benefits of Earth plus:
  • Multi Factor Authentication.
  • Enterprise Class Email Security with advanced threat detection (Sandboxing / Threat Detonation) inbound/outbound.
  • Data Loss Prevention functions (DLP).
  • Tamper-proof forensic archiving of email and eDiscovery functions.
  • Email full message encryption.
  • Multilayered web filtering, security controls, reporting including inspection of SSL encrypted connections.


Taking the fight beyond the boundary


  • All of the benefits of Wind plus:
  • Automatic classification and encryption of documents (location / content) with Cryptographic rights management.
  • Track document usage (global) with the ability to remotely revoke rights.
  • BYOD Mobile Device Management (application level).
  • Extended auditing of user and administrator actions in the desktop and all connected cloud platforms.
  • Advanced analytics of activity within the desktop and in the wider cloud to identify risky or anomalous behaviour.
  • Machine learning (AI) backed breach detection and analysis.

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