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Resilient Connectivity (formerly Software Defined WAN [SD WAN]) is an innovative way to maximise data management. Combining up to five internet sources, traffic is managed over the most suitable one at any given time, giving you reliability, speed and improved performance. You can enjoy all the benefits whilst remaining within your existing supplier contract. You can even access it wirelessly, with no direct internet cable or wiring.


Traditional internet solutions have a set-up time of around 6 weeks. With our system, you can be fully connected within 48 hours. Sources can vary from ethernet, ADSL to 4g mobile. So you can get a site up and running quickly, yet still add traditional internet sources if required at a later date.


Combined sources (‘legs’) act as a failover system - if one internet source drops, the others will compensate. Data can be compressed through the bond, and you can choose from three algorithms to best maximise the flow of data. You can even dynamically change what’s happening at the touch of a button. All of which means that you benefit from a consistent service with resilience built in.

All included for just one monthly fee:

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